Remote Guard Stops Dumpster Diver

Aug 24, 2023

Discover Alpha’s innovative Remote Guard Service, designed to provide unparalleled protection for your property against not only dumpster diving but also an array of suspicious activities that may arise on your premises.

Our team of extensively trained guards excels in preemptively deterring unwanted actions before they even have a chance to materialize. This proactive approach guarantees property owners and visitors alike the privilege of relishing in a secure, immaculate, and harmonious environment, instilling unwavering tranquility.

In the featured video, our astute guards apprehended an individual in the act of illicitly attempting to dumpster dive within the confines of our client’s secluded property. Swiftly and decisively, our guard communicated the gravity of the situation, enlightening the trespasser about the violation and insisting on an immediate departure.

Evidently taken aback, the individual promptly complied, exiting the premises without pursuing their illicit intent any further. The remarkable efficacy of our vigilant remote guards has consecrated continuous, meticulous surveillance of the property throughout the night, assuring its impregnability.

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