Remote Guard Stops Drug Use on Property

Dec 14, 2023

In an era where technology continues to evolve, so do the methods of securing our properties. The rising demand for innovative security solutions has led to the development of Remote Guard Services, a cutting-edge approach that combines advanced surveillance technology with human intervention to protect closed properties effectively. One notable instance showcasing the effectiveness of this service occurred when a remote guard from Alpha Video Surveillance prevented a drug user from engaging in illicit activities on a secured property.

One evening, the security system at a closed property monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance detected suspicious activity. Alpha’s guards received an immediate alert from the Remote Guard Service. As the property’s cameras zoomed in on the scene, it became clear that a trespasser was attempting to use drugs on the premises.

With precision and speed, the remote guard took control of the situation. Using the property’s surveillance cameras and speakers, the guard issued a warning to the trespasser, notifying them that they were being watched and that law enforcement had been alerted. The trespasser, realizing they were not alone, immediately abandoned their illegal activities and fled the scene.

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