Remote Guard Stops Car Thief

Jan 11, 2024

Parking lot theft remains a persistent challenge encountered by property owners across various domains. Criminal activities are frequently orchestrated during nighttime, where perpetrators exploit the lack of supervision to trespass or tamper with vehicles parked in the vicinity. Criminals often rely on the presumption that no one will intervene, capitalizing on the diminished security during unattended periods.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service stands as an indispensable solution to mitigate such illicit activities, given our guards’ ability to effectively patrol all sections of your property continuously.

In the accompanying video, an individual clad in a black hoodie is observed inspecting cars within a closed parking lot. The moment our surveillance cameras detect his presence, an immediate alert is transmitted to our command center, where one of our guards remotely assesses the situation. Upon identifying the individual, our guard employs the two-way talk down system to issue a warning. Subsequently, the guard informs the intruder that law enforcement is en route, and legal consequences await.

Acknowledging the warning, the criminal promptly vacates the premises. The area is promptly secured and will remain under the vigilant monitoring of Alpha’s Remote Guard Service throughout the remainder of the night.

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