Remote Guard Stops Car Theft

Sep 27, 2023

Parking lots can often become breeding grounds for suspicious activities, as they frequently lack vigilant oversight. Criminals exploit the cover of nighttime to target vehicles parked overnight, with the intent of either stealing the vehicles themselves or the valuables contained within. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is a robust solution that aids in safeguarding the interests of property owners and managers by maintaining constant vigilance, even during periods of low human presence.

In the accompanying video, we observe an individual entering the parking lot, exiting their vehicle, and engaging in suspicious activities involving a parked car on the premises. The moment this individual enters the field of view of our surveillance cameras, an immediate alert is transmitted to our central command center, where our vigilant remote guard promptly assesses the situation.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Jumps Into Action

Upon thorough examination of the live feed, our remote guard makes the informed decision to initiate a verbal intervention using the integrated two-way audio system. This feature allows our remote guard to establish direct communication with the individual in question, providing a real-time response to the situation.

guard informs the man he is in a closed area and needs to leave immediately. The man takes instant notice of the warning and leaves the property as quickly as he entered.

The property is secured and will continue to be live monitored by Alpha’s Remote GUard Service for the rest of the night.

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