Remote Guard Stops Car From Parking on a Closed Property

Aug 30, 2023

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service presents an invaluable asset for property owners and management seeking to deter unauthorized overnight parking within enclosed parking lots. The perils associated with permitting after-hours parking are manifold, often resulting in a host of suspicious activities that can subsequently burden property owners with substantial repair expenditures. In this context, Alpha’s Remote Guard Service emerges as the definitive solution, adept at mitigating such parking infractions and fortifying property security.

The illustrative video above showcases a vehicle entering the purview of our surveillance cameras. The moment the camera identifies the vehicle, an immediate alert is dispatched to our centralized command center, where our vigilant guard promptly establishes remote access to assess the unfolding situation. Our astute guard promptly identifies the presence of the parked vehicle on the premises and expedites a formal caution, apprising the operator of their encroachment into a restricted area, and instructing them to promptly vacate the premises.

Demonstrating exceptional responsiveness, the vehicle’s operator promptly heeds the warning and expeditiously exits the premises, mirroring the rapidity of their initial entry. As the property’s security is reaffirmed, our dedicated guards sustain vigilant monitoring throughout the night, assuring uninterrupted safeguarding.

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