Remote Guard Stops Break-In

Aug 3, 2023

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is the perfect tool to help prevent break-ins on your property. Our state-of-the-art service acts as your eye in the sky, providing 24/7 surveillance to deter transients and vandals from taking advantage of your property when no one else is around.

In the video above, we witnessed a transient walking onto a closed property that is protected by our remote guards. As soon as the man steps into the view of our cameras, an alert is sent to our command center, where our remote guards promptly assess the situation.

Upon reviewing the footage and observing the man attempting to break into the property, our guard takes action by initiating a warning through the two-way talk-down audio feature included in the remote guard service system.

Our guard informs the man that he is being live-monitored and recorded and insists that he leaves the area immediately; otherwise, the police will be dispatched. The man takes immediate notice of the warning and leaves the property as quickly as he entered.

Thanks to our efficient response, the property is secured, and our remote guards will continue to monitor it throughout the night.

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