Remote Guard Stops Break-In

Aug 10, 2023

Our Remote Guard Service is the ideal solution for deterring trespassing and break-ins on both commercial and multifamily residential properties. With our remote guards capable of covering every corner of your property simultaneously, no area goes unchecked or unguarded.

In the video provided, two young individuals come into the view of our cameras. Upon detection, an alert is immediately sent to our command center, where one of our remote guards assesses the situation. After reviewing the footage, the guard decides to issue a warning using the integrated two-way audio feature of the Remote Guard System.

The guard informs the trespassers that they are in a restricted area and must leave immediately. Upon hearing the warning, the individuals promptly depart the property. Thanks to the swift response, the property is now secure. Throughout the night, Alpha’s Remote Guard Service will ensure continuous live monitoring and protection.

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