Remote Guard Removes Trespassers from Property

Nov 2, 2023

Trespassing is a common challenge faced by property managers and owners. Inadequate security can make properties susceptible to unauthorized individuals such as transients and the homeless, who may exploit the lack of security.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service provides an effective solution to address this problem. Our surveillance cameras function as vigilant security guards, ensuring continuous monitoring of your property around the clock.

In the video above, we observe a group of young men entering a restricted property protected by our remote guard service. When the group enters the camera’s field of view, an alert is immediately transmitted to our command center. Our remote guard promptly assesses the situation by reviewing the live feed and issues a warning to the group, notifying them that they are trespassing on private property and must leave immediately.

The group promptly heeds the warning and exits the property as swiftly as they entered. The property remains secure and will continue to be under the watchful eye of Alpha’s Remote Guard Service throughout the night.

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