Remote Guard Removes Trespasser from Property

Nov 30, 2023

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service stands as an invaluable tool for property owners and managers seeking to uphold the safety, clarity, and security of their premises around the clock. The sophisticated AI cameras seamlessly cover every corner of the property, ensuring a heightened level of vigilance and a pristine environment during unattended hours, thereby safeguarding against external threats.

In the featured video, a bicyclist is observed traversing a closed property under the protective umbrella of our Remote Guard Service. The moment the individual enters the camera’s field of view, an immediate alert is dispatched to our command center. A skilled guard promptly engages remotely to assess the unfolding situation.

Upon scrutinizing the live feed, our vigilant guard opts to issue a warning to the trespasser, utilizing the integrated two-way audio system inherent in the Remote Guard Service. With clear communication, the guard apprises the intruder of their trespassing status, insisting on an immediate departure. Acknowledging the warning, the individual promptly exits the premises.

The property is now securely fortified, with ongoing live monitoring and protection throughout the night, reinforcing our commitment to providing unwavering security services.

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