Remote Guard Removes Trespasser

Jan 18, 2024

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is a highly effective solution for deterring theft, break-ins, vandalism, and trespassing. Our remote guards provide comprehensive coverage of your property, ensuring constant surveillance day and night, a capability unmatched by roaming guards. This superior security implementation consistently outperforms other alternatives, maintaining the safety and security of properties.

Watch the video above to witness the effectiveness of our Remote Guard Service in action. In this footage, a trespasser enters a closed laundry room on a property under the protection of our service. As soon as the intrusion is detected, an alert is promptly sent to our command center. Our remote guard quickly assesses the situation by accessing the camera feed.

Upon observing the trespasser plugging in his phone, the remote guard takes immediate action by initiating a warning through the two-way talk-down audio feature included in the Remote Guard Service system. The intruder, alerted by the warning, promptly retrieves his phone and exits the property. With our remote guards maintaining live monitoring throughout the night, the property remains secure and protected. Choose Alpha’s Remote Guard Service for unmatched security and peace of mind.

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