Remote Guard Removes Suspicious Individuals from Property

Apr 24, 2024

Properties frequently encounter suspicious activity, presenting challenges for property managers and owners who can’t monitor every area simultaneously. While a guard patrols one side, other parts of the property remain vulnerable, potentially costing owners time and money.

Alpha’s ARemote Guard Service addresses these issues effectively with AI cameras surveilling every inch of the property.

In the video above, two suspicious individuals enter the camera’s view. Upon detection, an alert is sent to our command center, where a guard remotely assesses the situation. After reviewing the feed, the guard initiates a warning using the system’s two-way audio.

The guard informs the individuals that they are trespassing on private property and must leave immediately. They promptly heed the warning and exit the property.

With the intervention, the property is secured and will remain under live monitoring by our remote guards throughout the night.

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