Remote Guard Remove Trespassers

Mar 28, 2024

Experience the unparalleled advantage of Remote Guard Service, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage across every corner of your property. Whether it’s the mail area, dumpster enclosure, or the laundry room, our advanced camera systems are strategically positioned to detect trespassers and deter suspicious activities effectively.

In the video showcased above, witness the seamless operation of our Remote Guard Service as two individuals venture into a secured laundry room. Swiftly detected by our surveillance network, an alert is promptly relayed to our vigilant command center. Without delay, one of our skilled guards remotely accesses the camera feed to assess the situation.

Upon careful observation, our guard swiftly takes action, initiating a live warning to inform the individuals of their unauthorized presence in a restricted area, compelling them to vacate immediately.

Responding to the warning, the individuals promptly heed the directive, exiting the property as swiftly as they entered. With the area secured, rest assured that Alpha’s Remote Guard Service continues its vigilant monitoring throughout the night, ensuring uncompromised safety and security.

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