Remote Guard Prevents Mailbox Break-In

Jan 6, 2024

Mailbox break-ins represent one of the most prevalent challenges faced by multi-family residential properties. Opportunistic thieves exploit the mailbox area, aiming for a quick gain while leaving property owners and managers to contend with the aftermath of looted mailboxes.

Enter Alpha’s Remote Guard Service – the ideal solution to thwart such activities, especially in moments when no one else is present to intervene.

In the video above, we observe a suspicious figure clad in a hoodie entering our camera’s field of view, tampering with and prodding the mailboxes. Employing a tool in an attempt to pry open the boxes and searching for vulnerable locks, the intruder brazenly targets the community’s mail.

The moment our cameras detect the intruder, an alert is swiftly dispatched to our command center, where our vigilant guard remotely assesses the situation. Upon scrutinizing the live feed, our guard initiates a warning through the system’s two-way audio, directly addressing the intruder, informing them of ongoing monitoring, and demanding an immediate departure.

Acknowledging the warning, the suspicious individual promptly vacates the area, leaving as swiftly as they arrived. With the mailboxes now secured, our Remote Guard Service remains vigilant, continuously monitoring the premises throughout the night to ensure the safety and tranquility of the community.

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