Remote Guard Prevents Break-In

Mar 1, 2024

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service offers multifaceted benefits, with one of its most crucial being break-in protection. Break-ins pose significant financial burdens for property owners and managers, with losses and damages accumulating rapidly. Without consequences, intruders are emboldened to return repeatedly.

In the video provided, an individual approaches the entrance of a store within a property safeguarded by our Remote Guard Service. Upon arrival, he attempts to manipulate the door, likely with a tool concealed in his sleeve.

Once our Guards detect the intrusion, they remotely assess the situation. Utilizing the included two-way talk audio system, our Guard issues a warning to the intruder, notifying him that his actions are being monitored and demanding his immediate departure. Heeding the warning, the intruder swiftly exits the premises.

With the property secured, Alpha’s Remote Guards maintain continuous monitoring throughout the night, ensuring ongoing safety and protection.

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