Remote Guard Deters Trespasser on Property

Sep 20, 2023

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service represents an invaluable asset for property managers and owners seeking to enhance security measures. Our advanced AI cameras provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring the safety and protection of every corner of your premises.

In the video demonstration above, we observe a trespasser on a secured property safeguarded by our Remote Guard Service. As soon as the individual enters the camera’s field of view, an immediate alert is dispatched to our centralized command center. Here, one of our highly trained security personnel remotely assesses the situation.

After reviewing the live feed, our security specialist decides to activate the two-way audio communication system, a key feature of our service. The guard communicates with the trespasser, informing him of his unauthorized presence on a restricted property and insisting upon his immediate departure.

Promptly acknowledging the warning, the trespasser complies and vacates the premises. The area remains under continuous surveillance by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service throughout the night, ensuring ongoing security.

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