Remote Guard Deters Mailbox Thief

Jan 25, 2024

Mailbox theft on multi-residential properties poses a significant challenge. The aftermath of such incidents involves not only a disarray left by thieves but also the rapid escalation of repair costs. Additionally, residents often experience a sense of insecurity within their living spaces, turning mailbox theft into a pervasive issue affecting everyone on the property.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service emerges as the ideal solution to proactively prevent such thefts. Our remote guards possess the capability to thwart thieves before they can breach the security of your property’s mailboxes.

In the accompanying video, we observe an individual entering the mailbox room of a secured property, attempting to pry open a mailbox. Upon detection, an alert is promptly transmitted to our command center, where our remote guard assesses the situation.

Upon identifying the intruder, our guard initiates a warning using the two-way talk feature integrated into the system, notifying the individual that immediate departure is necessary. Responding promptly to the warning, the individual leaves the area as swiftly as they entered. The property is secured and continues to be monitored diligently by our remote guards throughout the night.

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