Press Release: Alpha Expands into Phoenix, Arizona!

Nov 13, 2017

Alpha Video Surveillance Expands into Phoenix, Arizona!

HENDERSON, NV – Phoenix area residents and business owners will now have the peace of mind and security that Southern Nevada residents have enjoyed for past 10 years.

Alpha Video Surveillance, Southern Nevada’s premier video surveillance company, has opened a branch office in Phoenix Arizona. The Henderson Nevada based business has dedicated themselves to providing clients with only the best in video surveillance technologies for the past 10 years. Now, they are able to offer that same quality of service to Phoenix area residents.

According to company president Dennis Gravo, Alpha currently has three registered “remote guard service” clients in the Phoenix area. On November 13th the company opened an office in Phoenix which will make servicing these clients much more efficient. With this expansion, Alpha hopes to continue gaining the confidence of Phoenix residents by offering many of their services locally.

Although the Monitoring Center for Remote Guard Service will continue to be based in Henderson, the Phoenix location will offer a full staff of techs, sales, and a field operation managers to provide clients with surveillance installs, remote guard service and to promote security surveillance in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

“I am excited for Alpha Surveillance to have an office here in Phoenix! We have been talking with them for a while and I’m glad that the day is finally here,” said Shelley Emmett of Shelton-Cook Real Estate Services.

“Thanks to Alpha’s Virtual Guard Service, we have been able to deter people from illegally dumping, drug deals and crime at our property. Before Alpha, I was using on-site guards to help prevent any unwanted activity, which simply could not cover the entire property, effectively, and we were crime-ridden.

Since I started using AVG service, crime is down over 90% from using the roaming guard service and patrols. I could not be any happier with my decision. “- William Ross, Orleans Square.

“For years we protected our property with on-site guards. Since switching to Alpha, I haven’t had to worry about sleeping guards or illegible reports. They’re Johnny-on-the-spot and best of all, their program has saved me thousands.” – Carlyn Dilger, Gatski Commercial

“The main reason I enjoy working with Alpha is because of the response and quality of product. If I need footage, they get footage. If I need to get trained and set up on my smart phone, they send a tech out to train me. You can’t get much better than this service.” – Frank Maone, Owner, Henderson Hyundai Superstore.

“I asked Alpha to do a large install with wireless connections at one of my properties. Other companies had told me wireless wasn’t an option but Alpha took the challenge in stride. The install was clean, organized and completed in just under a week. From start to finish, working with Alpha has been a breeze.” – Lisa Roberts, Property Manager RPMG.

These are just a few of the satisfied customers Alpha has had the privilege of serving in Nevada and are hoping to gain the same trust and confidence from Phoenix residents going forward.

Michael Loumos, Director of Operations for Alpha Video Surveillance stated that anyone wishing to contact the Phoenix office may do so through the company headquarters in Henderson, NV. They would be happy to connect you with the Phoenix staff and assist any way they can to get you the security and peace of mind you deserve.

Arizona Management Team
Left to right: Field Operations Manager- Mitch Stiltner, Director of Operations- Michael Loumos, President- Dennis Gravo

For more information, on Alpha Video Surveillance systems visit their website at www.alpha.text or contact the Henderson office at 900 W Warm Springs Rd, Henderson, NV 89011 702.990.1454.