Parking Lot Surveillance 101

Oct 13, 2017


According to a 2016 National Crime Victimization Survey by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10 property crimes occurs in parking lots. Also, up to 7.3% of all violent crimes took place in parking lots. In a different twist, do you know that one of the most secure places in the world is a car park? The Bold Lane Car Park in Derbyshire, UK, houses 440 parking bays and hasn’t recorded a single crime for over half a decade! 190 parking lot security cameras monitor Bold Lane Car Park with the assistance of several motion sensors that trigger an alarm system when necessary.

The aim of this post is certainly not to bore you with loads of statistical data and historical information. Moreover, it is important to know that parking lots are as important as the automobiles in a dealership or the malls in a shopping center. In other words, a car park could be a potential danger zone, which is as safe as the level of surveillance efforts put in place. Implementing necessary surveillance measures in this area to complement any existing security strategy will spell the difference between a crime-prone garage and a safer one. Most times, parking lot security cameras are introduced to optimize the security of garages.

Of course, you don’t need a ParkSafe system with hundreds of parking lot security cameras to achieve your garage surveillance goals. Instead, focusing on every detail about setting up an outdoor surveillance system might just do the trick. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to consider having good lighting and a video surveillance system among other things when setting up a parking lot surveillance system.

Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting is important for parking lot surveillance cameras to be effective. It will aid visibility of the cameras and eliminate dark areas which are capable of breeding crimes. In beefing up existing lighting systems, it is good for property managers to opt for standard types of lightings which in most cases will include metal halides and high-pressure sodium lightings. These are notable for producing bright lights. Also, arrangements of lights should be in a way to focus on pedestrian and driving areas.

Video Surveillance Systems

Having a video surveillance system in place will offer loads of benefits to a parking lot. However, it will be more beneficial to have CCTV cameras offer more than just capturing video footages. Most property managers now prefer parking lot video surveillance systems that can detect, intervene and prevent troubles almost simultaneously. These systems are monitored remotely by humans and are voice-activated to ensure prompt intervention in case of emergencies. In addition, when installing parking lot cameras, it is good to pay attention to the camera height and angle. This should be as strategic as possible and align with the purpose of each camera. For instance, a camera meant to capture faces and vehicle license plates will be better off at a lower height.

Property managers and lot owners should also consider using high-reflectivity paints on the interior to make lighting and video surveillance systems more effective. More often than not, white paints are preferable for parking lot interiors.

Finally, making the right parking lot surveillance decision is a function of engaging competent hands. This is quite important if your location is notable for parking lot crimes. Therefore, it is pertinent to have a security expert to conduct a thorough on-site assessment. Consequently, recommendations on the basis of findings of your location and crime profile of your vicinity can be put forward alongside a suitable proposal for the best parking lot security cameras.

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