Is Your Community Ready For The Pool Season?

Apr 1, 2016

The summer heat is right around the corner and for most of HOA’s and Apartment communities, the pools are about to open! There’s nothing better than catching the summer rays and jumping into the cool, refreshing pool to cool off. Not to mention all the fun with the poolside BBQ parties and playing ‘Marco, Polo’ until the sun goes down!

Even with all the excitement with the pools opening up this summer, most HOA’s and Apartment communities have to worry about what happens in the pool area after dark and when the pool is ‘closed’. The unfortunate reality for a lot of HOA’s and Apartment communities, is that unauthorized after hours pool access and vandalism occurs quite often. The worst thing a property manager has to deal with is arriving to work the next morning to find that the pool area, the pool bathrooms and or the pool furniture have been vandalized the night before!

Forensic video evidence of this ‘unwanted’ activity is great for catching the perpetrators of the event, but isn’t PREVENTION a much better solution? Absolutely it is.

Alpha Virtual Guard Services (AVGS) has a proven technology that prevents any unwanted trespassing of any area after hours. With Pool season ramping up, now is the time to take advantage of this service and call us today to help out. The service is affordable, easy to install and can have your pool area protected every single night with a live virtual remote guard who can deter the unwanted activity before it ever happens with actual verbal warnings and by contacting the authorities immediately!

Protect your property today, hindsight is 20/20 – Get a free AVGS evaluation today, call 702-990-1454.