Improving Your Auto Dealer Safety

Oct 20, 2017


Improving Your Auto Dealer Safety

Auto dealer safety and security is undoubtedly a big issue. With looters getting smarter by the day, car dealers face more security challenges which are often at par with the inherent challenges of running a business. As an auto dealer, you need to safeguard your business against several kinds of losses that are peculiar to auto dealerships. An instance of these will include theft of spare parts. Also, that you have to ensure the safety of your customers and employees cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, having a perfect security solution for your auto dealership can help you resolve several security issues while you focus more on growing your bottom lines.

At this point, the prominent question is: How do I improve my dealership security and safety? This question is worth a brand new Bugatti Chiron, if the multi-billion dollar status of the auto industry is anything to go by. So, to optimize your auto dealer safety and security, the following are measures you could put in place:

Use Video Surveillance in Strategic Areas

CCTV cameras can shield your business from both external and internal security threats. It is common for auto shoppers to visit a dealership and have a walk around to inspect the vehicles on display. It is quite difficult to separate those with genuine intentions from the evil-minded ones. You obviously don’t want to know how it feels to have vandals cart away parts of your inventory. With outdoor video surveillance cameras in strategic places around your parking lot, you can monitor the movements and activities of visitors and prevent avoidable losses. In case of an intrusion or theft, video footages can also serve as an evidence to nab culprits.

Furthermore, your auto dealer safety efforts will be far from being perfect without mitigating internal threats. So, it will be perfect to have indoor surveillance cameras looking at areas such as storerooms, safes, repair bays and service areas. This will go a long way to deter employees who might have sinister motives.

As much as having an on-site guard could provide certain levels of security, it is an expensive option considering the potential savings a remote guard system would provide. With a remote security guard, your video surveillance is taken a notch further. Apart from watching multiple areas of your dealership at a time, a remote operator monitors the footages and activates voice warnings to deter intruders or promptly call the local police when necessary.

Install Secure Locks

Having good security locks is strategic to auto dealer safety. At a dealership, literally, everything ranging from spare parts and other accessories should be well secured. So, it will be an effective security measure to add electronic locks to secure storerooms and safes while ensuring storage areas can only be accessed by authorized individuals. Secure locks can also serve as access controls to potentially dangerous areas and prevent liabilities that could arise when a member of staff gets injured.

Upgrade Your Lighting System

This cannot be stressed enough. Well-lit areas are proven deterrents to criminals. Therefore, have your auto dealership flooded with standard types of lightings. Motion sensor lights will be effective in exposing intruders near the entry and exit points. Also, additional lightings should be installed to make security cameras effective.

Ultimately, with the aforementioned steps taken, having a dealership security company at your beck and call is quite necessary. Security experts can be assigned on a regular basis to carry out risk assessments of your dealership and make recommendations in addition to providing technical support in the configuration of your surveillance systems. This will ensure you remain ahead of criminals who might be stalking your dealership.

Alpha Video Surveillance proffers technology-driven solutions, perfect for dealerships. We have the expertise to help mitigate your security risks and protect your inventory against vandals. We are determined to create safer, smarter and affordable options to ensure auto dealer safety. Contact us today for a personal consultation and a free site assessment to find out how Alpha can help you protect your property and your assets.