Illegal Camping on Property

Feb 9, 2024

At Alpha Video Surveillance, we prioritize the well-being and security of both our clients and the communities we serve. It is with a sense of responsibility and compassion that we address the issue of individuals seeking shelter in unauthorized areas within our community.

We recognize the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness or less fortunate circumstances, and our hearts go out to them. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential consequences of makeshift camps, which can inadvertently foster negative behaviors such as vandalism, loitering, and theft, ultimately impacting the safety and tranquility of the community.

In the pursuit of maintaining a safe environment for all, our team diligently fulfills its duty to encourage individuals to relocate to more suitable accommodations. Through the implementation of our Remote Guard Service system, we are equipped to address such situations promptly and effectively.

In the accompanying video, captured by our surveillance cameras, we witness a gentleman entering a restricted area. Upon detection, our vigilant team swiftly responds, utilizing our advanced Remote Guard Service capabilities. Through our two-way talk down system, our guard communicates with the individual, informing him of the restricted nature of the area and the necessity to vacate immediately.

We are pleased to report that the individual promptly heeds the warning, responsibly collects his belongings, and peacefully departs from the premises. With the situation resolved, our Remote Guard Service ensures continued vigilance throughout the night, providing ongoing security and peace of mind to our clients and the surrounding community.

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