How we use A.I. to improve security systems

Jul 23, 2020

In the past few years, A.I. has been at the forefront of technology. Everything from cars to buildings has been outfitted with an A.I. of some sort, improving usability and making the lives of those who use it more manageable.

Here at Alpha Video Surveillance, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with manufacturers and implement new and exciting technologies into the cameras we offer, and A.I. has not gone unused. Many of the cameras we provide offer A.I. tech that helps deliver smarter security capabilities into any system we sell.

How Alpha Uses A.I.

Alpha Video Surveillance has implemented A.I. into our cameras and used the technology in a few different ways.

Our license plate cameras can learn individual license plates, allowing them to track and alert users when a particular license plate is entering a facility, parking lot, or residence.

Our Remote Guard Service uses A.I. to determine if an intruder has entered onto our property via invisible perimeters and can even decide whether it is an actual intruder or just a stray cat or animal passing through.

A.I. has made it possible for our systems to send custom alerts, depending on how you intend to use our cameras. Our clients can sit back and allow our cameras to sift through the patrons walking on or off your property and decide if an alert is needed based on a database of known blacklisted (Or whitelisted) individuals.

Watch Alpha’s A.I. License Plate Tech In Action

Making Use Of A.I. On All Security Systems Both Large and Small

Our team has worked to refine the A.I. Capabilities for any property. Our ability to scale makes A.I. cameras capable of being implemented in a residential community or large parking lots with multiple entrances. We can customize alerts, setup white or blacklists, and customize our A.I. Cameras to suit your needs!

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