How To Use Remote Guard Service Client Portal

Aug 8, 2018

We’re excited to introduce a new client portal which is exclusively for remote guard service clients.

Over the winter months, we set out to improve the way you access information regarding your remote guard service. After many months of planning and development, you’ll find the Client Portal in your Alpha account is live and ready for action!

Our main priority when building the new Client Portal for our Remote Guard Service clients was to be more informative, transparent and efficient. With the portal you’ll spend less time searching through your email for a specific incident report and more time analyzing the effectiveness of your Remote Guard Service. You will now have on-demand access to the security statistics regarding your property! Hooray!


Here are some major benefits about the Client Portal:

Up-to-date incident reports: Up late at night and want to see the latest event that took place at your property? Log in to your client portal and see real-time events.

  • Statistics & Transparency: You can now see real-time statistics regarding the safety of your property. Some of the statistics we offer that you can analyze are:
    • Type of Events
    • Frequency of Events
    • Location of Events
    • Peak Times of Activity
    • Peak Days of Activity
    • And much more…

Let’s get started!

To open the Client Portal, visit ALPHAVS.COM and select the Client Portal tab.

Once you have entered your username and password provided by your account manager, click login.

The first page that you will land on is your live dashboard. This page will display a real time activity feed of everything that is happening at your property sites.

You can click on show map for a view of all of your property sites.

On this page you will also see four different colored tiles. These tiles are quick shortcuts to 7 DAY and 24 HOUR reports recorded at your property.

The first REPORT tiles contain remote guard incident reports.

The other two INCIDENT tiles are detailed analytic reports based on the event type for example trespassing, suspicious activity, illegal dumping etc.

To learn more about remote guard reports in detail, click on the reports icon on the left side panel.

When you click it will bring you to a new page where you can view a full list of all the guard incident reports recorded at your property sites. The information will be displayed as follows:

The report identification number, the date & time it was filled out, the remote security guard who filled it out, and the property site that the report is associated with.

In your portal there are two simple ways to access an incident report. To quickly preview a report hover over the ( + )  button and a small window will appear with a brief summary of that report.

To view a report in full detail click on the view button  or click on PDF icon to shortcut to a printer friendly version of that report instead.

Once you are done you can exit by clicking on the back to main window button

Now for the exciting part of the portal! To analyze trends and statistics about the different types of incidences that have been recorded at your property sites, click on incident analytics on the left side panel.

Here you will have access to multiple charts and graphs to visualize incident data collected over time at your property sites. To research reports of a specific incident type you can click on a piece of the pie chart that will pull up all of the reports that are tagged with that label.

Cool right?!  We encourage you to explore through the analytics navigation bar to familiarize yourself the many new chart reports!

Lastly, you can now view your post orders for your property sites.

Post orders are procedures and documents that are important to ensure all activities at the site are recorded properly.

Please note that if you have access to multiple sites you will see a drop down menu in the top right corner.

This menu will make you view all job sites by default but you can scroll down to pick and choose the site you wish you view individually.

Once you are done with navigating your portal and you’ve seen of the information needed you can sign out by clicking on the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen to bring you back to the main sign in page.

Remember to bookmark the sign in page to have easy access to it whenever is needed!

The Client Portal today has launched in Beta, and we’ll be steadily adding new features, functionality (and patching a few bugs to be sure) in the months ahead. We’d love to hear what you think – especially if you can think of features you would like to have in the future or if you see a bug – let us know. And if you have any questions about how to use the portal please leave a comment below or send us a message and our support team will be happy to help you.