How To Stop Illegal Dumping On Your Property

Oct 2, 2019

When it comes to security, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about worst-case scenarios like break-ins and major acts of vandalism. But often, it’s the little crimes that are a bigger issue because they’re far more common.

Things like loitering, trespassing, and illegal dumping can be daily occurrences for some property managers.

Illegal dumping is a major nuisance for several reasons. First, it creates major messes that cost you time and money to clean up. Second, it fills your dumpster so your tenants can’t dispose of their own trash and recycling. And third, it can result in hefty fines if the substances that were dumped include hazardous items.

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There are lots of ways to deter people from illegally dumping on your property, from basic budget-friendly solutions to more advanced prevention strategies. If you’re experiencing illegal dumping on your property, consider these pros and cons of some of the most common solutions.

avs_blog-icon_you-are-being-watched“You Are Being Watched” Signs

There are countless versions of signs that let would-be illegal dumpers know that they’re being watched, either by surveillance cameras or live guards. Often, property managers will utilize signs even if they don’t have the cameras or guards to back them up.


  • Cheap — You can get several signs for a fraction of the cost of even a single surveillance camera.
  • Accessible — There are lots of places to buy custom signs online, and most hardware stores typically carry a few varieties.
  • Easy to Install — A few screws is all it takes to mount a sign to your building or to a post near your dumpsters.


  • Least Effective — Signs may deter some illegal dumpers, but eventually someone will take a chance and succeed. If they get away with it once, they’ll certainly be back.
  • Not Convincing — Unless your signs are paired with cameras, it’s easy for criminals to see that there’s nothing actually watching them.

AVS_Blog_Icon_8.27%20NoCamera@2xFake Surveillance Cameras

Fake surveillance cameras work in the same way that “You’re Being Watched” signs do. They’re meant to convince people that their illegal dumping activities will be captured on camera and that consequences will follow. Oftentimes, fake cameras are used in tandem with signs to create a more complete illusion of security.


  • Inexpensive — Fake cameras are significantly less expensive than real surveillance cameras.
  • Easy to Install — With fake cameras, you don’t have to worry about installing wiring or any kind of surveillance system that connects to it.


  • Ineffective — As with signs, a fake camera may deter some activity, but not all. And when illegal dumping inevitably happens, your fake cameras won’t capture anything.
  • May Actually Encourage Crime — If a criminal discovers that your cameras are fake, they’ll know that your property isn’t actually protected. The right person may see that as an opportunity to commit bigger crimes.

avs_icon_CameraReal Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras have been around for decades. But in the past, their grainy image quality and the need to manually search through footage made them a hassle. But, today’s surveillance cameras have a ton of features that make them more effective than ever before.


  • Capture Footage — By capturing footage of illegal dumpers, you’ll have evidence of what the suspect looks like, their outfit, the make and model of their car, even their license plate.
  • Integrated Analytics — Today’s surveillance cameras can include integrated analytics capabilities that make it easier for you to search through footage instantly, rather than having to manually go through hours of recorded video.


  • Won’t Prevent Crime — Cameras are great at capturing evidence of crime occurring, but they can’t prevent crime from happening in the first place.

AVS_Blog_Icon_8.13_Eye@2xRemote Guarding Services

Remote guarding services are the perfect complement to a surveillance system because they actively prevent crime on your property. They work by pairing powerful surveillance cameras with highly trained guards in a central command center.

When cameras detect someone illegally dumping or committing any crime on your property, remote guards immediately respond and use two-way audio to deter the crime from happening.


  • Effective — Remote guards monitor your entire property at once, including your trash areas, so crime never slips through the cracks.
  • Affordable — When compared to on-site security guards, remote guarding services are far more affordable.
  • Hassle-Free — With remote guarding services, you don’t have to worry about liabilities associated with on-site guards or maintenance of your surveillance system.


  • No On-Site Presence — If your business requires an on-site presence for parking lot control or other issues, remote guard services aren’t ideal.
  • Not Ideal for 24/7 Businesses — Remote guards rely on surveillance cameras that detect abnormal activity, which makes them a poor choice for businesses open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote guarding services are the ultimate solution for property owners dealing with illegal dumping and other nuisance crimes. Want to see it in action? Check out this video showing an illegal dumper deterred by a remote guard.

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