How Surveillance Solutions Ensure Cannabis Compliance

Sep 17, 2019

“…with so many new businesses and operations in the market in the U.S., the field is beginning to adopt risk management best practices that are even above and beyond the myriad compliance requirements that cannabis product growers, producers and vendors must abide by.”How Surveillance Solutions Ensure Cannabis Compliance, Security Magazine

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the country, expected to reach a value of more than $60 billion by 2024. As a fledgling industry with a controversial product, it’s also one of the most highly regulated.

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Among the challenges that new cannabis operators face, one of the hardest is adhering to strict rules regarding security protocols. Security Magazine recently took a look at some of the new rules and how businesses are meeting their needs with the latest security tools. Here’s what they found.

Challenges Faced by Cannabis Operators

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As new cannabis businesses pop up around the country, owners are tasked with following the unique rules and guidelines set out by their own state agency. But because every state is different, it’s challenging for operators to find examples or references to guide their search for security services.

One report indicated that 72% of cannabis operators don’t meet security and surveillance requirements set by their state agency. Those requirements typically include:

  • Surveillance that tracks every step in the operation, from growth to packaging, and even disposal of waste products.
  • Powerful cameras with minimum requirements for frame rates and resolution.
  • Storage of recorded footage for up to 45 days or more, depending on the state.

On top of these complex needs, cannabis business owners also need to find a solution that they can afford alongside other major investments associated with starting a new venture.

How Operators Can Meet Strict Requirements

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Complex rules demand that cannabis operators partner with a security professional who can help them navigate shifting state regulations, both now and in the future. As the industry continues to evolve, owners can expect the rules governing their business to change as well.

Fortunately, the latest video surveillance cameras can come equipped with powerful features perfectly suited to the cannabis industry. Here are just a few examples:

  • Tracking technology can follow inventory as it moves from one stage to the next.
  • Integrated access control tools ensure high-level security needs are met.
  • Remote guard services help keep an eye on everything after hours, virtually eliminating break-ins.

These features aren’t just more effective, they’re also more affordable when compared to more traditional security options, like on-site security guards. And they’re not just well-suited for cannabis operators.

The same solutions that are benefitting the cannabis industry are perfect for commercial and residential applications where top-level security is desired. For property managers and business owners that want to prevent crime, rather than just document it, video surveillance with remote guarding is the answer.

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