RAIS™ 2.0 – An Upgrade To Our Existing Proprietary Virtual Guard Services!

Nov 17, 2015

RAIS™ 1.0 has been a huge success and working flawlessly in the field. Our deployment of our RAIS™ devices (Realtime Audio Intervention System) have been growing since we finalized this product. Being able to verbally deter any unwanted activity in real time has truly set us apart from standard sirens and pre-recorded alerts that are simply ignored.

But being able to verbally engage with a perpetrator in real-time is only the tip of the iceberg with our innovative ideas, RAIS™ 2.0 – launching 1st quarter of 2016, will include an on-site maneuverable spotlight that can be activated and controlled by our monitoring center the moment any unwanted activity is seen. This is an upgrade that will be grandfathered in to our existing customers and will provide an added measure of security to their properties.

Our Research and Development department is not going to stop there; they continuously have new ideas when it comes to improving our service for our clients. Keep checking our website for the latest creations and innovations.