Forensic vs Proactive Surveillance Systems…

Feb 10, 2016

Video surveillance systems are one of the best tools Law Enforcement have when it comes to forensic ‘video’ evidence of a crime that has taken place. Recently in Dallas, a video surveillance system captured video of a suspect standing around the shop with a hammer who subsequently broke a window, robbed the store and got away. The Dallas police department is now looking for the individual that was caught on video. To read more on this incident and watch the video, follow this link: https://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/metropcs-burglar-caught-on-surveillance-camera/38150466

Snapshot of the suspect.

As with this example event and many other ‘unwanted’ events caught on video surveillance systems, it proves that having a surveillance system is vital to law enforcement for the forensic video evidence, especially when the criminal activity and suspect are caught on the video.

Unfortunately for the shop owners, they still have to repair the windows and all the damage done to the shop along with replacing any/all of the stolen property. Also, we must mention that the shop owner and its employees must now have to contend with the fear of knowing that this type of crime could possibly happen again, which unfortunately is what happens, in most instances. This is where the standard type of surveillance system fails.

Alpha Virtual Guard Services (AVGS) was developed from the ground floor by an established, professional surveillance system integrator to become the first ever, proactive surveillance solution, that uses advanced technology to actually deter the event from every happening.

To use the previously mentioned event as an example of how the AVGS system works, Lets take a look at the events as they happened, first the suspect stands around the Metro PCS store for several minutes ‘scoping’ or ‘casing’ the shop, obviously looking for vulnerable spots and the right time to actually break a window, enter through the window and rob the store. This type of ‘scoping and or ‘casing’ happens almost every single time a suspect is about to break the law, and this is the critical time to deter the event from ever happening. The AVGS solution takes advantage of this ‘scoping/casing’ time to take control of the situation and deter the event from ever happening. How? Well, as soon as the suspect enters the views of AVGS’ ‘Trigger’ cameras (which are strategically placed around the property) the AVGS ‘Virtual Guard’ monitoring facility is instantly notified and within seconds a trained AVGS guard has eyes on the suspect and is ready to intervene using proprietary ‘talk-down’ equipment called RAIS™(Real-time Audio Intervention System) that notifies the suspect that they are being watched and must vacant the premises immediately. In most instances, the AVGS guard will also mention the color and type of clothing being worn by the suspect to inform the suspect that this is a ‘live’ guard watching and not an automatic ‘pre-recorded’ alert that can be ignored.

AVGS is on the cutting edge of this technology and as crime evolves and changes with the times, so will the AVGS service. AVGS is currently working on a maneuverable spot light that can be triggered and activated remotely to help with deterring ‘unwanted’ events.

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