Evaluating The Electronic Future Of Guarding Service

May 9, 2019

“With an e-guarding system, security staff have access to more site and system information than ever before, meaning more options for response.” — Electronic guards: The future of manned guarding?, IFSEC Global

Businesses today have more to think about than ever when it comes to security. For many, electronic surveillance calls to mind issues of cybersecurity. But, more and more people are finding out that electronic tools are being used to create powerful new solutions for physical security.

In a recent article, IFSEC Global took a look at some of the newest electronic guarding, or e-guarding systems, to discover their advantages. They do a great job informing readers about the benefits of electronic guarding and creating a system that’s specific to a property.

With that said, we found that some of their info on available technology wasn’t complete. Let’s take a look.

The Key Benefits of Electronic Guarding

IFSEC points out that electronic guarding can significantly improve your ability to detect, verify, and respond to security issues. Here’s how it works:

1. Detection

Using powerful analytic tools like perimeter protection and the latest camera technology, electronic guard services can monitor your entire property at once.

When an intruder breaches your property line, security staff receive an instant alert so they can begin verifying the threat.

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2. Verification

Not all intrusions represent a real threat to your property. This makes verification a critical element of any successful security system.

Once security staff receive an alert, they can verify the threat by patching into high-definition live surveillance footage to identify what’s happening and decide next steps.

3. Response

Electronic guarding systems utilize two-way audio systems so that staff can deter subjects from committing crimes on your property.

Two-way audio has two huge benefits:

  1. Immediate response — Within seconds of detecting a threat, a security staff member can identify and respond to the event taking place.
  2. Low risk — Responses are conducted from a remote location, there’s no immediate risk for a guard who would otherwise have to confront the threat in person.

Keep in mind that not all equipment offers the same level of protection. IFSEC mentions the use of NVR+ platforms that “allow for video recording, bi-directional audio for deterrence, transmission over any network, and remotely downloadable video content analytics (VCA) for proactive threat detection.”

NVR platforms use a centralized control module to deliver these features, but they can quickly get bogged down from a lack of bandwidth as they try to process imagery from multiple cameras.

Alternatively, we’ve found that the most innovative surveillance cameras that include integrated analytics and communication tools offer the best performance for electronic guarding services.Illutration-networked-locations

Electronic Guards Can Replace Manned Guard Systems and More

“An e-guarding solution can be invaluable for augmenting or even replacing existing manned guard patrols to address these vulnerabilities and deliver proactive threat prevention of a campus or facility.” — IFSEC Global

Electronic guarding allows you to monitor your entire property at once. If you employ a team of security guards, e-guarding may allow you to reduce your security needs to just one guard, or none.

And, as AVS CEO Mike Loumos points out, electronic guarding tools aren’t just beneficial for security.

He explains, “This can apply to an everyday employee whose job is to monitor a conveyor belt for defects in a distribution center. We can take that same employee and put them in front of a surveillance system that monitors all conveyor belts throughout the entire facility. This eliminates the need for redundant labor and makes that one employee much more powerful.”

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Site Specifics Still Matter

“It’s essential to consider the needs of the site when installing an effective e-guarding system. For most installations, an e-guarding solution will include reliable perimeter detection, immediate remote visual verification, effective remote response, and tools to provide situational awareness.” — IFSEC Global

Although this technology is adaptable to many property types and sizes, it’s not a one-size-fits-all setup. The location, hours, current security setup, and other features of a business all go into determining the perfect system.

Above all, IFSEC Global clarifies that the best security solution reflects the specific needs of the person it’s serving, and we couldn’t agree more.

Thinking about investing in remote guarding but not sure if it’s the right solution for you? Download our free resource: Comparing Security Options For Your Business.