Effective Managers Rely On Clear Communication: A Case Study With First Service Residential

Oct 23, 2019

“Every day when I walk in the building, I don’t know how that day is going to go, no matter how prepared I am for it, because there’s just always something that you just can’t foresee.”

— Tiana Hudson, Property Manager for First Service Residential

For property managers, it’s rarely a big issue that turns your day from doable into chaotic. It’s the buildup of little things like preventive maintenance checks, accounting tasks, new resident meetings, and association updates.

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As the acting property manager for Juhl, a community of luxury high-rise condominiums in Las Vegas, Tiana Hudson understands the power of multitasking and staying on top of things.

But she also recognizes that not everything is in her control. That’s why she’s proactive about working with vendors she can rely on to reduce her workload and stress, not add to it.

Property Managing Comes with Lots of Challenges


Hudson works for First Service Residential, a property management company with clients all over the Vegas area. At Juhl, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the building and of the HOA, ensuring that the board is compliant with NRS and the CC&Rs for the homeowners’ association.

“A lot of my days are taken up with making sure my building is running, checking cooling towers, checking boilers, getting budgets prepared,” says Hudson. “And a lot of time is spent with vendors on the property.”

Juggling all of her own tasks on top of scheduling time to meet and interact with vendors isn’t an easy job, which is why Hudson places a big emphasis on great communication.

Success Demands Clear Communication


“I’m really, really big on communication with my staff, with my vendors, with my residents as well. What I don’t know, typically I can’t fix,” says Hudson.

Hudson’s success demands great communication because even though she’s employed by one company, she has a plethora of clients that rely on her. Juhl is home to 341 units, each of which comes to Hudson whenever they have a question, billing issue, or maintenance request.

Staying on top of those requests requires hard work and proactive behavior. But it also requires working with a team of vendors who understand your needs and reflect your work ethic.

Working with a Vendor Who Understands Your Needs


When Hudson took over at Juhl, she worked with a security consultant to evaluate the property’s needs. With only five active cameras, Juhl was due for some upgrades to its surveillance and to its access control systems.

Hudson reached out to Alpha because she’s worked with us for years, precisely because of our clear communication and reliability. After all, when you’re a busy property manager, you want to work with vendors who understand your priorities and your needs.

“Their communication is what always has me reaching out to them for any project that I go to,” reports Hudson. “I can call or text at any time of day or night and I’m always going to get an answer. Even if it’s, ‘Hey, I’m busy, let me get right back to you.’ That’s what I like to see in a vendor.”

Sometimes, it’s easy to get hung up on choosing the right technology and systems for your property’s security needs. Choosing a security vendor that’s as reliable as your system is equally important.

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