Remote Guard Stops Dumpster Diver

Jun 12, 2024

Experience Unmatched Protection with Alpha Video Surveillance! We take pride in safeguarding your properties with our top-notch Remote Guard Service. From deterring theft to preventing vandalism and trespassing, our service has consistently proven its effectiveness. Today, we’re thrilled to share a real-life scenario that highlights how our remote guards swiftly respond to and foil dumpster diving intrusions, ensuring your property’s safety and security.

In the compelling video footage below, captured by one of our surveillance cameras, we witness a trespasser attempting to sift through trash on a property under the watchful eye of our Remote Guard Service. The moment the unauthorized entry is detected, an instant alert is relayed to our dedicated command center, where our vigilant remote guard promptly springs into action.

As the intruder digs into the dumpster, our remote guard wastes no time. Utilizing the advanced features of our Remote Guard Service, the guard issues a warning through the two-way talk-down audio system, addressing the trespasser directly. Caught off guard by the unexpected intervention, the intruder quickly abandons their efforts and flees the scene, leaving the property untouched.

This impressive demonstration underscores the unparalleled effectiveness of our Remote Guard Service in safeguarding your assets. With cutting-edge technology and expert monitoring, we offer round-the-clock protection, ensuring swift detection and resolution of any unauthorized activity.

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