Does Surveillance Equipment Require Maintenance?

Dec 23, 2015

Well, the answer to this questions is simply YES!

Most customer do not realize that their surveillance equipment is continuously running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop and it is expected to be working when an event takes place. Without a proper maintenance schedule that cleans out the DVR/NVR, wipes down the cameras of any accumulated dust and debris, updates the firmware, refocuses the cameras, checks all the connections for wear and tear, ensures that the power supplies are all function properly, etc., then unfortunately, most likely in the event something happens and you are relying on your surveillance equipment to have captured the event, you might be very disappointed with the results. We are constantly contacted by customers to repair their systems due to the poor maintenance of the equipment.

We offer maintenance programs that actually stay on top of the issues before they arise, we proactively monitoring the equipment three times per week. Contact us today for more information and remember, just like your car needs servicing so does your surveillance equipment!