DIY Surveillance Systems…

Jan 27, 2016

Store bought surveillance system packages are put together as ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions for what the manufacturer considers to be the most likely equipment options the customer would need. And as with most DIY (Do-It-Yourself) purchases, not all the options are exactly what you need, so we make sacrifices on our needs to save a few dollars.

When it comes to security and peace of mind, we must consider the consequences of cutting corners to save a buck, especially when it comes to the safety of our property and our loved ones. Today’s surveillance systems are very sophisticated systems that require some level of expertise on how to properly setup and program. Most cameras, require special adjustments ranging from focal length to day/night modifications (per camera instance) plus the DVR/NVR (Recording Device) must be programmed per channel (camera) to meet your specific requirements (i.e. motion, time of day, continuous), etc. And let’s not get into the difficulty setting up the remote view option for your mobile devices and or PC through the internet; Do you have a static IP? Do you know how to port forward through your router? Does your router even allow for port forwarding? What does all this mean????

Yes, you can save a few dollars with DIY store bought ‘cookie-cutter’ surveillance systems, but when it comes to the security of your property, peace of mind is what you are truly looking for and to provide that security peace of mind, a professional surveillance integrator company is required with a good reputation and quality, commercial grade equipment. Our staff of Security/Surveillance professionals can provide you with exactly what you need and at an affordable cost plus we are a local company with employees who live here and are always available to answer any questions. Let us help.