Best Security Practices for Property Managers

Sep 26, 2017

 Protecting properties against security threats can be daunting for property managers. As a result, property management groups are always looking for ways to enhance the security of their assets. While it is good to try new approaches, it is better to focus more on overall effectiveness.

With advancements in technology, most property management groups advocate the use of security cameras as part of a security system. This is a welcome idea by all security standards. However, effective security systems for residential and commercial properties are beyond having security cameras in few places and going to sleep. Bringing residents and other players into the game will help to create a robust and an all-encompassing security structure.

Are you a property manager? Do you want to ensure watertight security of assets in your care? Here are few best practices you should know:

Beware Of The Enemy Within

Sounds strange right? It is actually possible for you to harbor an enemy without knowing. A property manager in New York once hired a maintenance staff that eventually broke into a resident’s apartment. Subsequent investigations revealed the staff as an ex-convict once found guilty of a similar offense. A background check might have prevented this damage.

A resident or employee might end up becoming an enemy if you fail to conduct proper security checks before accepting them. Therefore, ensure you carry out thorough screenings and background checks to be certain about the personalities of potential residents and employees.


Build Rapport With Local Law Enforcement Agents

As a property manager, your security system will benefit immensely from a good relationship with law enforcers. You will enjoy free access to fresh security tips to enhance the efficiency of existing security systems. Also, the police in your community can help with updates regarding new crime patterns.

Bring Residents Into The Plan

Your security strategy can become more effective with residents’ participation. It is advisable for property managers to have a clear channel of communication with residents. Also, ensure new residents are properly aware of existing security measures.

In addition, it will not be out of place to furnish your residents with security tips regularly. You can also encourage residents to be part of crime watch efforts and make them feel free to report any questionable activity.

Routine Maintenance of Security Cameras

According to security experts, security cameras can largely reduce the likelihood of theft and all kinds of intrusion. However, like regular locks and keys, security cameras require constant evaluation and maintenance to keep them in good shape. If you have IP video cameras overlooking your property, ensure the firmware is updated regularly to prevent losing your security system to hackers.

In all, great property managers are security conscious. To ensure your security system remains efficient, build rapport with Home Owner Associations (HOAs) as well. Also, it is essential for your employee’s on-site visits to be recognizable. Ensure your staffers carry proper IDs to avoid being mistaken for intruders. In addition, technological advancements have made keeping surveillance easier.

Advocating the use of new surveillance technologies such as a remote security guard for your properties will be beneficial to your overall security strategy.

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