Attempted Car Theft

Dec 21, 2023

Security breaches can occur at any time, with criminals often exploiting the cover of night when surveillance is reduced. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service serves as an invaluable resource to proactively thwart such activities, promoting the maintenance of a secure, well-maintained property throughout the night.

In the video demonstration above, a vehicle enters the camera’s field of view and positions itself alongside a parked car on the premises. Two individuals disembark from the vehicle, engaging in suspicious behavior indicative of an attempted break-in.

The Remote Guard Service promptly detects the activity, triggering an immediate alert to our remote security personnel. Upon assessing the live feed, the security guard utilizes the two-way audio feature integrated into the service to issue a warning.

The guard advises the intruders that they are on private property and must vacate the premises immediately. Responding to the warning, the criminals swiftly exit the property, ensuring a prompt restoration of safety and security. The area remains under continuous surveillance, monitored in real-time by our vigilant guards throughout the night.

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