Alpha’s Mike Loumos Included in Deluxe Version Magazine Top 20 Men Of The Year

Mar 10, 2021

When Deluxe Version Magazine’s editors set out to find their Top Twenty men of 2021, they were instructed to find individuals who had an exceptional presence in their network of readers. One of the main characteristics they were looking for was not only men who excelled in their fields but also pushed the boundaries and did their best to bring forth innovation and new ways of thinking. They hoped to find individuals who truly made a positive difference in the world both socially and in the workplace. These individuals drove new ideas and habits to the front of their everyday life. After reading the prerequisites for this honor, it came as no surprise to Michael’s peers when he was selected as one of the candidates!

Leading The Way In The Surveillance Industry

Mike Loumos has an extensive background in the security industry. He excelled in providing his customers with high-quality security guard services. He became aware of Alpha Video Surveillance as a company on the leading edge of the surveillance technology world and decided to work with Alpha Video Surveillance to provide his customers with high-end, industrial-grade surveillance solutions that worked hand-in-hand with his security guard services. Through this relationship with Alpha Video Surveillance came the opportunity for Mike to take over the CEO position at Alpha and move his career path to provide customers solutions that would tie the two industries together in a way that nobody ever thought possible! With the innovation in technology that Alpha brought along with Mike’s natural ability to create working and stable systems, the Remote Guard Service (RGS) product was created. This new service provides customers with an extremely effective security/surveillance solution that actually deters unwanted events from ever happening and has truly changed the security industry in a way that the future of this industry will look back at this moment as a true mark in history.

A Short Sit Down With Mike Loumos

We were able to catch up with Mike for a short interview and were excited to hear his thoughts on a few questions we had for him.

 What is it about Alpha that inspires you most?

“The technology! It’s always interesting to learn about the new advancements in video surveillance technology and finding real-world use cases that our clients can benefit from.”

How has Alpha changed from when you first started to today?

“Oh man, where do I start? I would say the largest difference is how we’ve built a system that can learn and deploy new technologies extremely quickly. When I first began, we didn’t have the structure to research, learn and test new products. Now we do and this is absolutely imperative to be competitive and stay relevant. Another substantial change is with the culture. We have a team of talented individuals all working together with the same goal to improve every day. We’re all open to criticism and we take ownership of our mistakes. It’s an honor to work with the Alpha crew every day.”

What advice can you give to aspiring CEOs?

“Find something you are passionate about and work like hell.” 

A Bright Future For Alpha Video Surveillance

As the year continues to progress, Mike has done an amazing job of keeping the Alpha Video Surveillance momentum moving forward even with today’s world’s struggles. Mike’s knowledge and willingness to innovate alongside some of the biggest video surveillance camera producers in the world has lead to new types of video/audio capable cameras and video management solutions that are currently being deployed and tested. The future of Alpha Video Surveillance will no doubt be very interesting and exciting as new technology becomes readily available that will enhance the services and products that Alpha can offer. The Security Industry never saw Mike and Alpha coming, and we have only just begun.