Alpha Video Surveillance Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Jun 25, 2020

Alpha Video Surveillance has been in the video surveillance industry for over ten years. Alpha’s commitment to providing the best customer service along with our ambitions to grow as a company has allowed us to learn from our past projects and grow. We have taken what we learned and focused on how we can continue to exceed our clients satisfaction after their surveillance systems are purchased.

Once a video surveillance system is purchased from AlphaVS, it goes through our deployment timeline to get set up. This deployment timeline is in place to ensure all the installations, programming, and camera view refinements are taken care of in a professional and timely manner. Once the purchased solution is in place, then what, you might ask?

What Are Preventative maintenance Plan

Our Preventative maintenance plans have been developed over the years to ensure we can continue to provide peace of mind to our clients with the best service long after their cameras have been installed! A preventative maintenance plan covers camera cleanings, tech support, camera servicing, and even replacement in some cases.

Alpha’s Maintenance plans are broken up into two types of coverage. Our Preventive Maintenance Agreement or PMA plan covers a set number of services to be used during the duration of your coverage. Our PMA Plus program offers the same functions but at an unlimited rate to be used during your coverage duration. See the chart below to get a better idea of the coverage provided by AlphaVS our PMA plans.

Preventative Maintenance Plans Broken Down

Notable Services Covered in Our PMA Plans

  • Preventative maintenance plans are a great way to ensure your surveillance camera system stays healthy, up to date, and always has the most unobstructed view possible.


  • Our dedicated footage team has proven time and time again to be one of the most helpful resources for crimes or accidents that happen on your property.


  • Our reliable tech team is professional, polite, and educated in providing the best experience for our clients during repairs or general maintenance. These two reasons, along with many others, are why a preventative maintenance plan is right for everyone!

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Our team is always available to answer questions or help out with new Preventative maintenance plans for your current surveillance system or are happy to send over a quote for a new order, including a PMA. Use the form below to contact alpha video surveillance today!