5 Biggest Security Risk Areas On Your Property (How To Identify Yours)

Jul 30, 2020

As a manager or an investor of a property, you do your best to make sure that your assets are protected. Whether you are responsible for a commercial or residential complex, as you know, many areas of the property pose a degree of security risk.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics integrated into surveillance systems nowadays, we can identify the frequency and the degree of risk that specific areas of your property pose. Here is a list of the most vulnerable areas on your property:

Neighboring, Less Secure Properties

We all have experienced these waves of crime that are usually originated by an easier target close to your property. If the security breach is successful, the criminal most likely repeats the crime on a property in within a half-mile radius.

Parking Lots

With constant traffic during the day and secluded, dark areas at night with no action, parking lots create adequate scenarios for both day and night time illicit activities.

Dumpster Area

Whether you are in commercial or residential management, you know this is a big (and expensive) headache. These areas’ main issues are illegal dumping and frequent visits from homeless people.

Main Entrance

Sometimes a very challenging area to manage due to the high amount of traffic. We have all experienced tail gate incidents, access issues when protecting the property from unauthorized access during business hours, at night or on the weekends.

Inside Jobs

Well… we have all met this tenant. Sometimes not all your occupants follow the rules of the property and this may cause damages to other tenants or the property itself.

How To Identify The Vulnerability Spots At Your Property?

As you know Surveillance Systems today are more than just cameras, our equipment is integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics that will open your eyes with constant graphic reports of where, how, who, and with what frequency per week/month these crime attempts are committed.

Example of reported events / incidents by category

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