4 Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Workplace

Sep 18, 2017

 More often than not, employees see the use of video surveillance cameras an invasion of privacy. In actual fact, using video surveillance in the workplace has corresponding benefits to both employer and employee when considered in details.

It is a general belief that employers place CCTV cameras in strategic areas around offices mostly to deter wrongdoing, however, the benefits far outweigh this. Advantages could range from boosting productivity to protecting company assets and shielding employees against wrong calls with irrefutable video evidence. Therefore, given the numerous benefits, an employee with sinister intents might be the one to kick against lawful workplace surveillance.

Here are some of the ways video surveillance cameras can be mutually beneficial to both employer and employee:

Reduce Risk of Employee Theft and Fraud

The FBI posits that “Shrinkage” as corporate theft is called in the business circle, is bigger than identity theft and cyber fraud. According to Statistic Brain, 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employers. Also, it is quite concerning that 33% of all business bankruptcies are due to employee theft.


For most employers in the US, fraud by employees remains a major issue. Businesses in the financial sector and retail stores contend with this most. In the case of non-retail businesses, theft of company assets and intellectual properties is a common occurrence. Therefore, having a video surveillance system in place can go a long way in curbing nefarious activities of some employees. In the event of theft, investigations can be seamless with the availability of video evidence.

Improve Operations and Productivity

The main goal of any business venture is to make profits. That low productivity and faulty operational measures can ruin this goal is no breaking news. It is common to find workers chit-chatting during working hours leading to low productivity.

Studies have shown that employees in workplaces with CCTV cameras tend to be more productive. Therefore, time wasting due to socializing at the workplace can be cut by up to 80% with CCTV cameras in place. Managers and business owners can also concentrate on more productive ventures rather than moving round to ensure employees are doing their jobs.

Ward Off Illegal Visitors

Safeguarding office premises from trespassers is a primary concern for employers. They also owe their employees this act of protection. Employers will benefit immensely from effective surveillance of the exterior of their assets. A video surveillance system with wide coverage can help in deterring intruders and also providing evidence in case of a break-in. Also, with cameras, workplaces with a massive daily influx of visitors can effectively monitor people they let in.

Enhance Safety

Understandably, safety is a non-negotiable concept in the workplace. A system of CCTV cameras will help promote this and prevent unnecessary accidents. In addition, blatant disregards for safety measures among employees can also be caught on video for necessary actions. In the event of a slip, a video surveillance system can provide evidence as to who was responsible and prevent wrong calls.

Conclusively, video surveillance cameras can be crucial to business success considering the benefits of having such systems in place. This is because advantages such as a boost in productivity and safety will impact bottom lines in the long-run. However, it is advisable for employers to consider existing laws and employee privacy when installing video surveillance cameras to avoid lawsuits.

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